Search Engine Optimization

Did you know 85% of people use search engines to explore the internet and 77% of those users are Google users who only click on natural search links (organic, unpaid listings).

Is your business coming up in the first page? If not, you could be losing a significant amount of revenue just from your competitors prioritizing their efforts in an area you haven’t been able to yet. Because search engine optimization services are unique on a case by case basis, we are offering a free consultation session on where your business or website is lacking in to improve on your search engine rankings. Get started by contacting us by clicking here.

The truth of the matter is as many times as anyone might say they’ll put you #1 in Google, it is most likely a falsified statement, but also at the same time it depends on what keywords you are trying to get to #1 for. Search Engine Optimization is a rapidly changing world, one day you pick up on the fact that Google allows this and one week or one month later that same rule might no longer be in effect in terms of what is factored in their proprietary search engine algorithms. It isn’t a fly by night operation and there are several processes involved in order to effectively assess your needs and ensure we not only get you higher in the search engine rankings but also make it as cost effective as possible.